Sarah, 18. Caniac, eternal optimist, and E Staal enthusiast. I lead a Stormy-appreciation life.


u ever get in a shower that has the water pressure of someone softly crying on u

both of them are just do much prettier than me, way funnier, and just a million times better than me in every way so I give up

I’ve had the same face for 18 years and I’m still sad about it like someone make me not ugly pls I will pay you

lol I don’t know why I think people want me to talk to them sos


it’s hard to sleep while you’re aggressively hating yourself

bruh I’m so annoying I’m going to sleep so I can’t ruin everyone’s days lmao sos

I’m so stupid I’m so sad

meanwhile, meh

literally everyone is prettier and cooler than me so I don’t know why I even bother because I suck basically